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Lightly Roasted Marshmallow

Essie Marshmallow

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Essie Marshmallow is a creamy white neutral. It's described by as a cloudy sheer white,perfect for a french manicure. I don't think this would be very french manicure friendly because it lacks the opacity required for tips and it is streaky. The first coat I applied was not pretty, but the second coat started to show promise. Glad I added a third because that evened everything out nicely and the coverage was perfect. Not a streak in sight and the shade was beautiful. It is a soft and very feminine off white. It reminded me of my grandmothers pearls and vintage lace. The formula is more of a crelly then a cream but it is thin. If you have any imperfections on your nails Marshmallow will pool so just one coat or even two will just not be enough. I am perfectly happy to apply the three coats it took to get opacity because something about the color and the finished mani was very appealing. Even though the formula is thin it was not difficult to use so I did have a pleasant experience. Top coat gave it that glossy finish that I love. I would not recommend this as a base for nail art or a french manicure. Sadly I can't really recommend this as a base for another color because of the 3 coats needed for opacity. It may be possible to use with a glitter topper but if what you would really like is an off white polish that is chic just on it's own Marshmallow is certainly worth picking up.

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