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My Future's Sooo Bright!

China Glaze Let's Jam

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China Glaze Let's Jam is a bright and happy lavender that is filled with blue micro shimmer that my camera was not in the mood for. She can be a bit of a snob if you ask me. As part of the Light Bright collection released for Summer 2016 it's definitely channeling the season. It makes me think of bridesmaid dresses and birthdays. Not sure how the two are related but that is what comes to mind. Let's Jam is not as flattering on my skin tone as I wish it was but when has that ever stopped me? That's right, never. The formula was a little bit of a surprise because I was expecting it to be sheer and would need to build it up but it turned out to be almost a one coater. I love these kinds of surprises. Happy stamping times ahead ladies. I applied two coats followed by top coat for a perfect mani. I have picked up a few polishes from the Light Bright collection so far and I must admit I have liked what I have seen so far and I think I would like to play with some of the others.

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