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Criminal Mind!

Essence 138

OK girls... today I am going to confess to a hideous crime. I am very sorry for my actions and promise never to do it again... No my fingers are not crossed... not all of them anyway.

Pictured above is Essence 138 L.O.L. My daughter received this in a makeup kit for Christmas

and since she takes my stuff all the time I figured it was my turn! I own a few other polishes by Essence and I have liked the ones I have tried in the past but they were all glitter toppers. I have purchased several myself just recently at the drug store down the street. I noticed this amazing fresh green and I loved the color, perfect for spring so I helped myself to it. She did notice the bottle sitting on my desk and cheerily pointed out that she did used to have one just like it! I asked what happened to it and she said she used it all up... OK go ahead, take a moment and judge away. All better? Let's continue then. Bright colors quite often have patchy formulas but this one was an easy streak free two coats. The formula has a great consistency and I did not have to make any touch ups thanks to a great brush. It dried nice and glossy so that it almost looked like it already had top coat. Just to be clear though I added top coat anyways. This polish is definitely a keeper and I really love this green, I just wish the name was a bit better.

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