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This Little Hottie's a Killer!

Hard Candy Little Hottie

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,hard candy,pink

Hard Candy Little Hottie is definitely hot stuff. A shimmery deep pink that shifts closer to a red than a pink. I loved the finished look of this polish, it looked like a foil without actually being one. The shimmer from the bottle translated beautifully on the nails and the formula has a great consistency that makes it very easy to apply. I used three coats but two may have been enough for opacity before I applied top coat. I was asked many times throughout the day what nail polish I was wearing and where it came from. Just about everyone was surprised I purchased this one at Walmart. I love my indie polishes but mainstream polishes have some pretty killer colors out there as well. This one is a great polish if you need to slay the competition!

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