Orly Risky Behavior

Sunny days have me reaching for my bright and happy colors and Orly Risky Behavior has been waiting for me to wear it since Christmas. It's a shame to keep such a pretty polish waiting don't you think? The formula for this nail polish was nothing short of fantastic. One coat and I had opacity. Are you listening my stamper friends out there? It has a great consistency as well so no streaking or running. Risky Behavior is very well behaved in my opinion. It seriously makes me ask the question why do I not own more nail polish from Orly? That problem will be remedied in due course! I really loved this color as well. It's an intense fuchsia that is vivid and delightful. I am wearing two coats because I had to see if a second coat made a difference but one coat was plenty. Once dry it has a satin finish but I added top coat to gloss it up. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of nail polish to brighten your day.


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