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Let It Reign!

L'Oreal Reign Of Studs

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,l'oreal,reign of studs,purple,textured

Since I really had a lot of fun playing with the last textured polish I though I would give another one a try. I liked the look of L'Oreal Reign Of Studs in the bottle and thought it would make a more then suitable candidate for the texture experiment. I have tried another polish from the 3D textured Gold Dust Collection a while back called I Like it Chunky and I drowned it in top coat right from the beginning. This time I wanted to give the textured finish a shot. The color is incredibly pretty! I could go on and on about how it's an amazing purple that I could wear over and over. It's all true but you can see it in the picture that it's stunning. I applied two coats allowing a few minutes between them to dry. Once again I was loving the way the texture became defined and how the matte finish glittered in the light. Reign Of Studs is a bit rougher than Zoya Chita was but please do not ask me to choose between the two because I don't feel I can. L'Oreal once again has created an amazing formula that just glided on my nails and it did not feel one bit gritty during application. I enjoyed wearing it every second I had it one.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,l'oreal,reign of studs,purple,textured

I had to see what top coat did for Reign Of Studs guys.... when I went back and looked at the picture of I like It Chunky the top coat brought out such depth that it would have been a crime to remove this one before I had a closer look. It took me two coats of top coat to get it smooth but look at that glitter! It's stunning again! So I learned that no matter what you choose to do to this polish it's going to look good. I'm very happy with my choice today! When it was time to remove my polish even though it was a glitter it did not require a whole lot of effort and I appreciated that as well. I think I may just have to pop out in a few to see if I can get my hands on another bottle or two from this 3D textured collection. Meet you in the nail polish isle!

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