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Thistle Do Nicely

China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely

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I never would have believed it a few years back if you would have told me that I would seriously be crushing on the neon nail polishes. I tried one on just to be polite when I received one as a gift and I was sold! I loved having crazy bright nails and that illusion of having a tan is pretty appealing. This past weekend I took mini me shopping for shoes and of course we came home with nail polish as well. China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely looked so bright and pretty in the store I just had to bring it home with me. It was a perfect sunny day and it finally feelt like summer may just come after all so it called for neon nails. I did not apply a white base for Thistle Do Nicely just a regular base coat but would like to see if a white undie will make a difference in the future. It took three coats to reach opacity and I feel that my mani would have looked better with a fourth coat... I added top coat as per norm for the picture. There was very minimal streaking and to be honest I think I was the only one who even noticed it. The formula is decent, meaning it's not one bit chalky which I find some neon's are prone to. It's smooth but a bit on the sheer side. Even though I am wearing base coat, three coats of polish and top coat my polish is not thick on my nails. I have learned that neon's can be a little bit tricky and some are a nightmare to work with. When you find a color you like and a formula that is manageable you

keep that bottle! I had a very hard time capturing the color of Thistle Do Nicely. I was sure my camera was going to start smoking but I did manage to capture at least one pic that I felt was color accurate neon pink. How do you feel about the neon's? I have slowly but surely picking them up and pretty excited about the summer nail polish collections that will be getting released soon because I have a feeling these bright colors are sticking around a while. Yay!

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