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ILNP Valerie

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ILNP Valerie is described as a a stunning and incomparable mulberry leaning jelly by It's a very berry purple jelly filled with scattered holographic micro-flakes. It's the last one that I had left to try from the 2016 Spring Jellies Collection and now that I have tried them all I can say with certainty that I loved every single one. The formula for Valerie was smooth and easy to control just like the rest of this collection. I used three coats for the picture above and I found my nail line still somewhat visible. Valerie may be the sheerest one from the collection. Ifyou have not had a chance to check out my reviews for ILNP 2016 Spring Jellies so far why not take a moment now to ready up on them here. I scrolled through my pictures thinking I was going to write about my favorite of the bunch however that proved to be a difficult decision because I liked all of them. It just comes down to choosing what you are in the mood for or what you are looking to match up. These jellies are meant to be layered and now that I have had a chance to play with them on their own I am looking forward to layering them. That should create some pretty fun and sparky manicures! Make sure you are following me on Instagram so I can share them with you!

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