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Revlon Joker's Wild

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Revlon Joker's Wild was an easy to work with formula but it was a bit on the thin side. I found that I needed to go a little slower with this polish because of that and needed three coats for opacity. I would recommend thin coats if you want to avoid flooding your cuticles. I used my regular top coat instead of the Color Stay Gel Envy because it's awesome and I feel that it dries glossier. When I'm wearing a creme polish I want it glossy, very glossy! Joker's Wild is a touch underwhelming to be honest. The color was pretty, but not very unique. I have used much better formulas. I couldn't help but feel that if I applied some glitter I would have been much happier. On it's own I feel that something is missing from this polish. On the fashion side of things peach is such a trendy spring color that you may want to pick this up to accessorize your outfits this year! You do not have to worry about tip wear showing as much as you would with other shades because peach is much more forgiving. Who doesn't appreciate a mani that lasts all week? I guess peach is just not a color that I get very excited over. On the whole I have had pretty good experiences with the Revlon nail polishes that I have tried so far. If Joker's Wild is your type of color I wouldn't discourage you from trying it. Just remember you may want to take your time applying this one.

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