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Maybelline Porcelain Party

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer, Maybelline,porcelaine party, white

I love how clean and crisp white nails look and there is something just so feminine about it. Unfortunately white nail polishes are more often than not streaky, have issues leveling and it feels like you are painting your nails with acrylic. I don't even want to try to put a number on how much money I have spent on nail polish in my life so far *cringe* but you would think I would have found the perfect white by now. Why is it that just about any brand can produce killer red nail polish formulas but white is so neglected? When I picked up Porcelain Party I had no expectations. I have loved the Maybelline polishes I have tried so far but someone keeps reminding me that without expectation there can be no disappointment so I tried to keep that in mind. Yeah I'm quoting Mr. Nailvanna again but he has said that more times than I can count. Porcelain Party is true to it's name. It really is the same clean white of true porcelain. The formula, while not perfect, was better than the other whites I have played with previously. It's more watery than your average polish but it sure beats the ones that feel like painting with acrylic. The first coat had plenty of streaks but the second coat evened things out. As a note, I applied the second coat thicker than I usually do and it was still a touch streaky but it's totally doable. Top coat camouflaged the streaks even further so I have to admit I'm pretty happy with the results. I would say that Porcelain Party is a good one to have on hand especially for those of you looking for a decent white as a base for nail art. I'm more of a glitter girl but appreciate the amazing manicures that some of you create. They truly are a work of art.

Mosaic Prism

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer, porceliane party, mosaic prism, glitter,white

I am not sure why I grabbed the bottle Porcelain Party for this picture but the glitter I applied was Maybelline Mosaic Prism. It's a multi colored hex glitter suspended in a clear base. Gold, green, pink and blue make a lovely combination but a little bit it's a little sparse when it comes to the glitter load but it was an easy formula to work with. I have applied two coats on top of the white but as you can see it's still pretty sparse. While I love glitter sometimes it's nice to have it be a little on the lighter side to allow the the polish below it show though. It is easy to add more but much harder to thin it out. I was happy with both of these polishes. Maybelline has such an affordable price point and readily available in many places. They have proved to me on more than one occasion that they do make some pretty amazing nail polish. If you have not picked up a bottle or two, you really should.


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