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Astral Projection!

Color Club Ultra-Astral

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Color Club Ultra-Astral is perfect for the transition from spring to summer. I realize it's only May and yes I know it's been way colder than May has any businesses being but just for a little while let me have my daydream that summer is just around the corner. Ultra-Astral has been around for ages, and I know this because I have had it for a couple of years. It is a touch sheer but the formula is very good and easy to work with. I applied three thin coats but I bet that if you were just a touch heavier handed, two coats would be enough for opacity. It dries a bit textured because it does have a sprinkling of holographic glitter in it to set it apart from the hordes of pinks out there but one coat of top coat smoothed it out for me. I'm so glad I found Ultral-Astral again! It's been awhile since I wore it and I forgot what a fun and bright pink this was. It has a slightly coral feel to it and that holo glitter had me thinking what a cool background this would make for pink galaxy or nebula nail art! I would love to see that one and if you do it please tag me on IG so I can see it!

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