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Maybelline Fierce N Tangy

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I have decided to give yellow another shot. Fierce N Tangy from Maybelline sure does that with a slap in the face. Bright and bold and yellow because yesterday I did say today would be brighter. Not sure if this is what I had in mind but why not? I can answer that one even though it's supposed to be rhetorical question. Every single time that I wear yellow I get asked if I am alright, or if I am getting sick maybe? The color of sunshine does not seem to agree with me... I can hear Mr. Nailvanna already with his smarty pants puns on that one already. He is merciless! I cannot hold this polish at fault for making me look a bit green because I have seen other women pull it off flawlessly! Lucky Ducks! The formula has a great consistency but is a touch streaky but if you have used yellow nail polish in the past you know that streaks are the bane of most yellows. I am wearing three coats with top coat in the picture and by the third coat all signs of streaks were just a memory. Fierce N Tangy is a pretty decent yellow so if you can rock the color I say pick some up next time you are out.

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