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China Glaze Ahoy!

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China Glaze Ahoy! has been around for quite some time and is still one of my favorite polishes. It's a raspberry pink with a subtle gold and pink flecks. It's a great formula that is easy to use no muss no fuss. I'm wearing two thin coats and top coat. It's one of those polishes that I find myself reaching for on days when I want something effortless. We all have off days. You know the ones... coffee cup is drippy, your bra strap won't stay in place and you break a nail while digging for your keys. Those are the days where you really appreciate having a pretty little distraction like a beautiful color on your nails. I recognize that the world is not ending and the Earth keeps spining and that these are little problems in the grand scheme of things. I'm just saying it's nice to have the little things that make you happy on the days where the frustration levels are high and water works are near the surface. Well I did not break a nail but I did have a moment where I thought I did while I was searching though my purse for my keys. I was relieved when I pulled my hand back and saw Ahoy! was still perfect without a nick. The coffee cup did leak and well as for that strap.... let's just say I will not be having issues with that one again! Tomorrow will be brighter and better and I'll see you then.

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