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Got A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

Sinful Colors Kryptonite

Nailvanva,Nail polish Reviews,lacquer,sinful colors,kylie jenner,kryptonite,teal,green

I had so much feedback and love from you all about Slay Grey from the Kylie Jenner collection that you made me want to try another one. I do listen! The hard part was picking the next color. I truly feel that the collection has some really awesome choices and I felt a bit frustrated with only choosing one. I opted for Kryptonite, a teal green this time around. I was not sure what to really expect just based on the way this polish looked in the bottle but thought it was pretty and prayed it would not be one that was plagued by brush strokes. Once again I feel I got lucky because the formula was pretty good just a bit on the sheer side. I used three thin coats to reach opacity but they went on smooth and needed no clean up. Once again I opted for my Essie top coat instead of the recommended step two from this line. If you read my review on Slay Grey you know that I tested the recommended top coat and was not satisfied with the results.

Nailvanva,Nail polish Reviews,lacquer,sinful colors,kylie jenner,kryptonite,teal,green

I like the color of Kryptonite much more then I was expecting too. This teal has quite a bit of depth and dimension to it because it has a fine dusting of blue shimmer that comes out in the right light. It has a bit of a frosty duo chrome feel to it. I have several other colors from this collection and I am looking forward to testing the next one! I have my eye on the blues but you never know, I might surprise you. If you have not picked up one of these little gems I would recommend scooping up one or all. They are so affordable that you can get every single one of them!

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