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Orly Frosting

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,Orly,Frosting

I love how clean and classy white nails look but find myself hating the way most whites apply. Just about every one that I have tried so far ended up looking streaky unless you apply like fifty coats then chip after just a few hours because it's as thick as a hell. Attractive right? It's usually just an all around frustrating experience that I do not have the time or patience for but every once in a while I try another. I still have several bottles of white(ish) polish in my untried polish collection that I fully intend to test. Orly frosting is quite lovely. It's not a pure white, more of a vanilla with a delicate gold shimmer that is simply delicious. It was opaque in two coats but I did not find it was the best at leveling. A layer of top coat solved that problem and my polish looked perfect. Perfectly ready for glitter!

Maybelline Punk Rock Pink

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer, Maybelline,Punk Rock Pink,Color Show,Glitter

Maybelline Punk Rock Pink has been on my play list for weeks! It's such a pretty pink and holo glitter mix in a very sheer peachy base that I could not wait to try. It is so sheer that it's best used as a topper. I did not try it out just on it's own but thought it may look good on top of a white and I am happy with my choice for base color. I am sure that there are dozens of other polishes that Punk Rock Pink would look great on top of but I love the way this combination turned out. I applied two coats before adding top coat and took my glitterific mani out to run errands. I enjoyed every second of sporting this polish. Removal was ... well what you expect of glitter but nothing really that could not be removed with acetone. I was happy with both of my choices in polish today and ecstatic over how well the two worked together.

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