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Blue Skies Ahead!

ILNP Skyscraper

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I found myself reaching for another polish from the ILNP Spring collection and I don't think anyone can fault me for it. Look at Skyscraper....It's an absolute stunner! Amazingly tasty light periwinkle Ultra Holo with an insane finish. As described by the creator of this one and I could not agree more. Even without great lighting the holo comes out to play. I love the glitters and holos and always feel a bit let down when the lighting does not cooperate and let me admire my pretty polish but with Skyscraper that is not an issue. Even indoors on a gloomy day the holo is apparent. Could a girl ask for anything more? The formula is smooth and easy to apply as it is with all of the other ILNP I have worn. The easy coats with top coat left me with a mani I was excited over all day and loved showing off. Every single person who saw it in the sun said "oh wow!" It really is a fabulous color! It's perfect for spring but I could wear it year round!

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