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Naughty Newton

Formula X Naughty Newton

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I don't now about you guys, but every time I walk past Sephora I somehow end up with new nail polish. This time it was Formula X Naughty Newton. One minute I was walking through the mall on my way somewhere and next thing I know I have a cute little black and white Sephora bag with nail polish and a few other little things in my hand. I have no clue how this can happen? Yep that's my story. No need to analyze it, just accept it. I have had some good experiences with Formula X in the past and Naughty Newton did not disappoint. Multi color glitter in a black base with silver glitter being dominant over the other colors. I expected it to be a closer match to butter LONDON's The Black Knight but the two are very different. The formula applied very easily but it is a bit on the heavy side since this polish is loaded with glitter. It dries textured but since my preference is for a smooth mani I chose to apply top coat over two coats of polish. I only used one coat of the top coat and surprisingly that was enough. Usually the textured polishes are a bit more top coat hungry so a second coat is required. I'm pleased with this polish even if it's not exactly seasonal. I see no reason to shun a polish just because it's not in season and if you have been following my blog you know that I don't think twice about pulling out a Christmas polish in the middle of summer. Have you have a chance to check out my color galleries yet? You can find them here. I love having the ability to look though my pictures and sharing them with you.

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