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Sinful Colors Slay Grey

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I was not looking for a grey nor was I planning on running out to find the New Kylie Jenner collection from Sinful Colors but I did have to run into the store and just happened to stumble into the display while looking for toothpaste in the cosmetic section. I know its a pretty flimsy excuse but one does not just walk past a new collection without at least glancing at the colors quickly even when you have a hungry man and hyper kids waiting in a vehicle outside of the store wanting to get home and have dinner. I decided to be good and only picked up a few of the colors that really called out to me and not the entire collection, after all I only ran in to buy toothpaste and explaining a whole collection would have added a level of complexity that I was not prepared to deal with... Once we got home and everyone was fed and looked after... they are much more reasonable with full bellies, I had time to pull out one of my new polishes and play. I chose Slay Grey because I really loved the gold shimmer in the cement grey. I had hoped that it would show up well on the nail and I was not disappointed. The smooth formula was much nicer than I had previously experienced from Sinful Colors and two coats provided perfect coverage. This is a two step system and so I purchased the recommended top coat and tried it out. I'll pass on that in the future since it takes forever to dry! I decided to use my regular fast dry top coat with it as well but only on one hand to experiment between the two. I applied it and went to bed about an hour later. In the morning the hand that I used my Essie Gel Setter on was still perfect as you can see in the picture but the one I used Step 2 on from Sinful Colors was indent city from my sheets. Blergh! I had no time to fix it in the morning before work so I had to spend the day with wrinkly nail polish on one hand. I tried to keep that one in my pocket! I don't recommend wrinkly manis by the way.... not pretty at all. It only occurred to me to take a picture of it after I took it off the second I came home. Maybe the next mani disaster I will try to document better for you. Sinful Colors' Kylie line has very pretty colors that are very

inexpensive. Totally worth the buy but I recommend skipping Step 2 and use your own fast dry top coat, trust me you will come out much further ahead!

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