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Coral Reef ... more like Coral Grief!

Sally Hansen Coral Reef

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Sally Hansen Coral Reef is very pretty coraly pink even if the formula is a bit troublesome and thick. I heard that this polish was a pain in the cuticle but once again I purchased something because a seven year old talked me into buying pink. Yeah I need to work on that, but it's too much fun listening to her trying to convince me to buy it. Any time I come across a polish I find is too thick to make it work with a reasonable amount of time and effort I add nail polish thinner. Now to be clear .... this is nail polish thinner and I am not using nail polish remover to thin the polish. Just a few drops can revive your favorite polish that has thickened up due to air exposure or this can be a great fix for new polish that needs a bit of help to smooth out consistency. Please do not add acetone or nail polish remover to your nail polish to thin it. You are not doing yourself any favors. If you use either of them you will most likely need to toss your polish out shortly afterwards because they will break the formula down and as the polish dries on your nails it can crack. If the nail polish has glitter in it the acetone can even dissolve the glitter because it is meant to remove the polish. It is just not worth it. I tested Coral Reef on just one nail before I decided to add the thinner. I admit if I was not expecting the thick formula I may have tried to work with it a bit longer to see if it was necessary to thin it but since I knew better I added a few drops. I had no problems at all after thinning it out. I found it quite easy to work with but it was streaky and a couple of my nails did bubble. I applied two coats and top coat for the picture above. I am loving the color but it's by no means unique. Bottom line is that this formula is pretty mediocre. Not everyone has thinner sitting around so If you are going to buy a polish you may want to opt for a different one that you do not have to treat before using.

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