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ILNP Jello Shot

ILNP Jello Shot

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I'm still working my way though the 2016 ILNP Spring Jellies collection and this is Jello Shot. I like to wear each one not just swatch it and see how I feel. I might like a polish initially but hate it a few hours later. Maybe the formula does not want to dry, or the color changes as it does dry... what about the ones filled with those awful bubbles? Is it too hard to remove? I need to know all these things and many more. The formula for Jello Shot was fabulous like the other polishes I have tried from ILNP. I'm wearing two coats and top coat. The color is incredible. It's like my nails are coated in hard candy. Perfect shiny hard candy filled with holographic flakies. I have a feeling there is going to be a few more posts featuring ILNP in the very near future because I am loving this collection. These jellies can be built up, layered or sandwiched. The color combinations give you the opportunity to have quite a bit of fun with nail polish but I just can't bring myself to mix them yet. I have the intention to play but then I get so smitten with the color that I don't want to mess with it. This is exactly how it went with Jello Shot. Maybe once I wear them a few times I will play with them, but for now I'm going to enjoy them as they are right out of the bottle!


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