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Emily de Molly Long Engagement

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Emily de Molly Long Engagement has been on my list to try since I fist saw it. I am such a blue nail polish junkie that I really do purchase more blues then I should. I'm lying...Yes I do have many blue nail polishes....but no! I do not purchase more then I should. You can not or at least should not put that kind of limit on a girl! It's pretty and it's calorie free. I see a win-win situation. Add a holo in there and it becomes impossible to walk away even when I know there is no way I will have time to wear it right away. Every polish will have it's day. Long Engagement has a great formula, application was a dream. I am wearing two thin coats with top coat. I love how strong the holo is on this one and the rich blue has just enough purple in it to make it pretty stunning. I'm pretty sure I saw a purse this color a few weeks ago and now that I'm wearing Long Engagement I'm really kicking myself for not grabbing it. You guys ever do that? My list of lemmings keeps growing. I try hard not to be an impulse shopper but don't always succeed. Nail polish is a big one for me obviously(in failures) but shoes and purses not that far behind though working on this blog has kept me from the later two lately. I have not decided if that is a good thing yet... I'll let you know!

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