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Zoya Aurora

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Zoya Aurora has been in my collection for a couple of years and still one of my favorites. It's a fabulous purple filled with scattered holographic glitter that picks up the light like it's nobodies business! I just had to have this polish from the moment I saw it partly because of the name. I have mentioned before that I love fairy tales. Having a little girl of my own has re awoken that love for them from my childhood, though I am glad that Disney has come along and lightened up the dark tales of the Brothers Grimm. Aurora is the true name of Sleeping Beauty so when I found a nail polish bearing her name it was just too much to resist. I'm glad I own it. It's absolutely beautiful, certainly princess worthy. Purple is most often associated with royalty and magic and this one does not leave you wanting. The holo particles look great even indoors. In the sun it just about sings. The formula is like butter and just glides on your nails. I am wearing two coats with top coats in the picture. If you do not own Aurora yet, you really need to!

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