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Girly Bits Does It Again!

Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise

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Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise is just beautiful! A vibrant sky blue with a soft pink shimmer that is visible even in low lights. I painted my nails last night and liked the color then. The formula is a little bit thick so I only needed two coats. I enjoyed working with it because it was not sticky or streaky one bit. It went exactly where I wanted it to without flooding my nails or needing any clean up once I was finished. I applied two coats followed by top coat. This morning I stumbled around getting ready for work, waiting for my kettle to boil, I listened to my kids quietly arguing over breakfast about something or other as kids generally do. My windows were open because spring is here and I could hear the birds chirping outside as I inspected my polish to see how it was holding up. Still perfect, I thought this was such a perfect color for a beautiful and sunny spring day. Calming and dreamy almost. Even half asleep the pink shimmer was apparent. Throughout the day I received several compliments on this color and inquiries about where to find it. I was not the only one loving Arctic Sunrise! Check out my other Girly Bits Reviews here.

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