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Maybelline Lust for Lilac

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,maybelline,lust for lilac,color show,purple,pastel

Maybelline Lust for Lilac is so very dainty and girly! I can't help just loving it. I must admit I am still very happy with this product line. The price is fantastic, the formula has never been difficult and the colors have been amazing! Because I have had some great experiences with the Color Show line so far I picked up a few more to play with. Just to be thorough you know...No, I was not looking for an excuse to buy more nail polish! Lust for Lilac was a little bit thinner than I was expecting it to be and the first coat did have streaks. Application however was smooth and the polish leveled very well so I did not doubt that things would work out. I applied three thin coats and added top coat to finish and not the smallest trace of streaks can be found on my manicure! Just a beautiful pastel purple that really does resemble fresh lilacs. Check out my other Maybelline reviews here.

NYC Big City Dazzle

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,maybelline,lust for lilac,color show,purple,pastel,NYC,glitter,big city dazzle

I was very pleased with my lovely lilac nails and was just about to clean up when a little voice inside my head asked me asked if I would be adding glitter? I had already taken a picture to show you guys so I thought why not? NYC Big City Dazzle is a multi colored glitter topper that has fuchsia, red, blue and gold in it. It's simple, pretty and would look great on many different colors. I applied one quick coat before adding top coat. I don't think you can go wrong on this one either ladies. It was a very fast way to add a little bling and I was very happy with my end results. The pictures do not convey how lovely it is to see the little glimmer of color here and there from the glitter as you go about your day. You can find more of my reviews on the NYC polishes I have tried so far here.

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