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Juliette's Romeo

ILNP Rolling Hills

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ILNP Rolling Hills from the 2016 Spring Collection is another Ultra Metallic. I am showing you two coats with top coat. The color is a fantastic icy mint that is absolutely perfect for spring though I am likely to wear it all year long! I refuse to follow the rules because I feel no beautiful nail polish should ever get banished to the out of season drawer. Rolling Hills is full of

holographic flakes that catch the light. You can watch an array of teals and blues winking at you, It's quite mesmerizing really. I stopped at the store for acetone while I was wearing it and the lady in the cosmetics isle was smitten with it. We got talking a little bit about nail polish and she was telling me she really loves glitter polish but the though of removal is enough to turn her off of it. Well I have good news again for you ladies. Just like Juliette, another one of my favorites from ILNP. Rolling Hills was much easier to remove than your typical glitter. If I had to think of a reason I would guess that it's because this polish is filled with flakies not glitter. They are not quite as thick as regular glitter so the nail polish remover has an easier time working though it. I'm just guessing at this though since I don't make polish. I will leave that to the makers who are the real experts. I do appreciate the fruits of their labor though and say thank you for their amazing creations!

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