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Zoya Ginni

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Zoya Ginni is from the Pixie Dust line. Pixie Dust is a special textured polish line that has been very well received. A few years ago textured polishes started to become a thing. I said noooo!!!!!...but nobody listened to me. I still have not changed my mind and textured nail polishes just don't do much for me. Layer on the top coat until these babies are smooth and you will have depth like it's nobodies business! Ginni is another one from my favorites even though it is textured. I have no issues applying three layers of top coat to give it a smooth and glossy finish. I am just not happy feeling the rough gritty texture on my nails but I suppose I should try it again just to be fair. One day once I fall down that rabbit hole a little bit further I may do just that and I'll be sure to take pictures. For now though I will stick to my glossy nails because they make me happy. I am showing you two coats of Ginni with two generous layers of top coat. If you apply a third layer of polish your nail lines are just about invisible but personally I found that I prefer it a little bit on the sheer side as if seems a little softer. Ginni has a much coarser texture then Pixie Dust normally does so it required a heavier hand with top coat. I love the way this finished mani looks though. A blush pink jelly filled with various sized holo hex glitter. It's very feminine but still edgy. Removing this one does require patience but well worth it in my books.

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