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Hello Yellow!

Rimmel London Round and Round in Circles

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Rimmel London Round and Round in Circles is a soft pastel yellow that I purchased on impulse. Yes...that is how I end up with a good number of polishes but lets not get distracted from the subject at hand girls! I don't usually choose yellows because they just do nothing for my skin tone but maybe because Round and Round in Circles is a soft shade I felt better about it then any other of the yellows I have tried in the past. The formula has a good consistency and did dry pretty fast however just as you would expect from a yellow it does go on streaky. The first coat make me frown, the second gave me hope and by the third I was satisfied with my selection. All signs of streaks and patchiness had been resolved. I added top coat as per norm and not once did I regret my choice of color today. Quite the opposite actually because it has been rainy here all day and the touch of sun on my nails had me looking forward to the bright and sunny days yet to come. If you are like me and tend to avoid the yellows you may just want to try Round and Round in Circles.

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