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Gorgeous Graffiti

Finger Paints

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Finger Paints Gorgeous Graffiti is gorgeous just as the name implies. A wicked fuchsia filled with beautiful blue micro glitter. I'm totally smitten with this color. I purchased this polish a couple of weeks ago at Sally. It caught my eye because it appeared to be a great color for spring but I was not expecting the shimmer to be very strong. The formula was excellent, applied smooth and I loved the brush. I did not have to clean up one speck . I used two coats of the polish that dried to a matte finish quite quickly. Top coat made the shimmer really pop as you can see in the picture. I have not played around with many of the Finger Paints polishes but after trying Gorgeous Graffiti I'm certainly planning to try a few more! I'm seriously wishing I had more fingers today. So many amazing colors and formulas out there and I want to try everything! I realize that is pretty much impossible... for now. Give me time and I will figure it out. I love a good challenge.

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