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Color Club Magic Attraction

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Color Club Magic Attraction is a bottle of holographic glitter in a clear base. I used three coats of Magic Attraction and two generous layers of top coat. You will need at least two coats for opacity, I preferred three. I am not quite sure if this polish was intended to be textured of if that just a happenstance of the glitter but it does dry to a gritty finish. My solution is to drown that puppy in top coat and once again works like a charm. Smooth and glossy so nothing distracts

me from the amazing holo glitter goodness.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,

I wanted to get in nice and close so you can see how incredibly pretty this is. Removal is a bit tough though. You may want to reach for the pure acetone on this one to help. Magic Attraction grips your nails and hangs on for dear life. As hard as it is to remove it, this polish is totally worth it! It's supper pretty and full of glitter. I have worn Magic Attraction many times and I love it every time!

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