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I Love Nail Polish Too!!!

ILNP Daisy Jane

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,ILNP,Daisy Jane

ILNP Daisy Jane is part of the Spring Collection released in March 2016. It is a soft and subtle pink with a bit of mauve. It has a sprinkling of holo flakes that give it a bit of punch but not enough to distract from the soft and delicate shade. For those of you that work in a conservative environment Daisy Jane is perfect. You really can have your cake and eat it too! I'm wearing two coats in this picture with top coat. The formula was a little bit thicker than I was expecting. Maybe because the color is so light I was thinking it would be a bit thinner. I did not have any issue with application but we are talking about ILNP as in I Love Nail Polish. She might know a thing or two about making really great polish because I think she may just like nail polish... I'm pretty excited about tying the rest of her collection.

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