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Maybelline Coral Crush

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I was at the store with my daughter and we had to take a peek at the nail polish aisle. We always have a bit of fun with it even if we are just window shopping. She was the one that pointed out Maybelline Coral Crush and went on to argue that I had promised I would allow her to pick out nail polish sometimes. Never argue with a seven year old. Their use of logic and reasoning will leave you feeling like you missed a crucial point in the argument somewhere and leave you confused. So I now own Coral Crush... I'm not one bit upset about it. I am really loving these in between colors this spring. Coral Crush is just a little too bright to be called a pastel but still a very soft and feminine coral that seems to be so popular right now. The formula is great once again and I'm turning into a fan of Maybelline. It was smooth and leveled great! I used two coats with top coat for the picture. I only wish the bottle was a little bit bigger because I know I plan on wearing this a few times this spring and mini me will be right there as well requesting I paint her digits too. Good thing the boys don't paint their nails!

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