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Fuller House!

Revlon Full House

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Full House is my first from the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Line. This polish lived up to its name and a lot more. It's not a gel polish, so don't panic. You will not need a special light to cure it though it does come with a recommended top coat that I ended up not using. Who does that, right? Don't judge....that's my job! I love the bright colors for spring and Full House fit the bill. At first glance I was not sure about the brush though. It seemed kind of bushy and lop sided. I know it's not the terminology you would want to hear from a review on a bottle of nail polish but there you have it. I almost decided to skip it but in the name of awesome mani's I just had to push on. I was expecting things to be a bit messy and require cleaning up around the cuticles. The formula, it turned out was nice and smooth. It leveled great and the messy looking brush was soft and super easy to use. Not a bit of cleaning up was necessary. The standard of two coats of polish with one layer of top coat did the trick. I will try the Colorstay Gel Nail Envy recommended top coat next time but I was breaking all the rules today and used my regular topcoat which as usual was amazing! I also ignored the built in base coat and applied my own because I truly love blue nail polish. That means I have worn many different blue's on my nails. Do you know what I have learned Blue is a bastard! It will stain your nails if you let it, so don't forget the base coat or you will be singing the blues instead of rocking them! ... Wait!!! Which Top Coat? you ask ... see the full review here!

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