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Pass The Duchess!

Butter London - No More Waity, Katie

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Butter London - No More Waity, Katie is definitely an unusual color. The base is a medium grey with a touch of purple and a healthy sprinkling of lavender glitter. I did look it up on butter LONDON and they say: "No More Waity, Katie is a soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of lilac glitter for the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun." It was created in 2011 in celebration of the Royal wedding. Although I have no idea how the color of this polish relates to the duchess there is no question that it has a unique quality. I really had a lot of fun wearing it and find the color quite charming. The formula is a bit on the thin and sheer side so I am wearing three coats and top coat. It's exactly the fun and unique combination that is so endearing and butter London seems to have perfected. It was a limited edition but if you happen to run across it, grab it before its gone!

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