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These Little Piggies Went And Got A Pedi!

OPI Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI

Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI from OPI is a grown up plum laced with gold shimmer. Indoors it looks very much like a cream and the gold shimmer you see in the bottle is nearly invisible. The gold does come out better in the sunlight and it is lovely! We are finally getting to the milder weather and more time spent outside makes reaching for the polish with mild shimmer a lot more rewarding. I just love that this polish looks great indoors at the office but as soon as I step out into the sun it glows. The formula is smooth and has a great consistency. I had no issue with it at all and used two coats with top coat for the picture. I love these kind of colors for spring. I love the soft pastel colors as well but looking through my nail polish collection I realized that I gravitate towards bright and vibrant colors more often the then softer shades. Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI satisfies that need for color and helps remind me that spring is here. Bye Girls I am off to get my next pedi!

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