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Maybelline Drops Of Jade

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Maybelline Drops of Jade is a fun one. The indie nail polish community has captured our attention with some amazing crelly polishes and the maintreamer's have been paying close attention. I had seen this polish time and time again but I picked it up only recently. I have had some very good experiences with the Maybelline Color Show line polishes that I have tried so far but this was the first one I purchased from the Polka Dots set. A sea foam green crelly full of black and white glitter of various sizes, it has a great formula and covered my nails in 3 coats. I followed up with top coat for a smooth and glossy finish. The base has great opacity, just sheer enough to let the glitter show through so as you add layers it adds depth. Looking at my nails I kept thinking they reminded me of speckled eggs. I got my Google on and I could not find any birds eggs of this color, but there really should be! Removal was not as much fun. Glitters usually are a bit more of a pain to remove and I have become very accustomed to having plenty of acetone on hand but I always seem to forget that the polishes that have larger bits of glitter will need a little more patience. It's really just common sense but I must have misplaced mine for the moment. I really liked Drops of Jade so I am willing to deal with the longer removal time and I am even planning on checking out a few more of the Polka Dots. This polish is way too cute to miss out on.

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