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L'oreal's Mistress

L'oreal Miss Luster-ess

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L'oreal Miss Lustrer-ess seemed like a good choice when I was reaching for my next polish. It's a dusty lilac with hints of pink. It's very pretty and perfect for spring. I purchased this a few weeks ago and I'll be honest with you I did not even notice that it was part of a gel system. Since no special lights are necessary for curing I went ahead and used it with my regular base and top coat without any issues. It leveled well and dried just like nail polish should. I am still loving Essie Gel Setter and it was the top coat I used with two coats of Miss Luster-ess in the picture above. The only issue I had with this polish was the brush. I have several other bottles of L'oreral nail polish and have the same issue with all the cream ones that I have tried so far. I feel that the bristles in the brush are just a little too stiff and leave drag marks as I paint my nails. These do level out but I'm just not very comfortable with that and because of that I usually end up skipping the creams. Miss Luster-ess does level well but I feel there is room for improvement on the brush. I always worry when I see the drag marks on my nails but thankfully it did not show in my finished mani and the color really is lovely.

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