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Revlon Spidey Sense

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We had a nice and easy going weekend so far and managed to score some quality family time with some popcorn and Netflix. As I watched the super hero and villain battling it out I made a mental note to pull out Spidey Sense because it's been way too long. I absolutely love this polish. It's a metallic/foil type red that leans towards raspberry depending on the lighting. It was released as part of an Electric Chrome Collection in 2014 for Spider-man 2 and I could not resist it. Not only is the color amazing like Spider-man is rumored to be, but the formula is as well. Two thin coats for opacity followed by a top coat for gloss. I find Revlon Spidey Sense very satisfying. I love red nail polish and I own more than my fair share of them. I really enjoy finding polishes that capture my attention the way Spidey Sense has. This polish has been one of my favorite reds for some time now. It was a limited edition release but I have come across it occasionally here and there. If you do happen to run across it I recommend scooping it up.

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