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Greige... Yep It's A Thing!

Deborah Lippmann Dirty Little Secret

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I needed something a little less loud today and Deborah Lippmann had just the polish I was looking for. Dirty Little Secret is a sheer holographic greige. Nope I did not make that word up. Someone else did and I am borrowing it. Dirty Little Secret sits gracefully on the fence that divides beige and grey. It's filled with soft holo particles that are very flattering and easy to wear. The box called it a sheer shimmer but I had excellent coverage in two coats. The gel lab pro is a new "healthy alternative to gel polish". I rarely jump on the healthy alternative band wagon because I know I fall off just as easy as I jumped on. My life is busy and I rarely have time to add steps to my routine. I do however jump on the pretty nail polish wagon all day and every day and come back for more just about every day since I'v been a teenager. Dirty Little Secret does both. I don't usually get gel nails but if you are a gel mani girl maybe consider switching to the Gel Lab Pro system for a healthier approach. In the long run it will save you money and makes changing your polish to match your mood way easier

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