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China Glaze Keepin' It Teal

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China Glaze Keepin' it Teal from the Sunsational Collection summer 2013 is a pretty teal jelly. I loved the color in the bottle so I painted a white base on my nails the same way that you would with a neon polish, to make sure the teal would be bright. I couldn't help but picture myself lying on the beach with a warm breeze gently blowing through the palm trees while sunlight danced and played in the waves of water in what I would have thought were impossible shades of blue if I weren't actually looking at them. Unfortunately all dreams have to end sometime so I opened my eyes and it was back to reality again. I have played with Keepin' it Teal without a base and I found that even after the fourth layer I can see my nail line. It's the nature of jelly polish. The formula is meant to be layered and I have had a lot of fun playing around with it. I loved how bright and pretty Beach Please was on my nails yesterday and looking at my bottle of Keepin' it Teal I wondered how it would look over white. I was very pleased with the results but found the color a little hard to photograph. In person it looks a shade or two brighter. I'm wearing two coats over the white base and glossy top coat and I'm loving it!


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