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Oh Emily...It's not true I do love you!

Emily de Molly The Unloved

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Emily de Molly The Unloved is so pretty. It's a deep red jelly base with red and pink glitter in various shapes sizes and large silver circle glitter. It's truly stunning. I have had this one in my collection for a few months now and had not have had a chance to try it. I was planning on reviewing it for Valentines day but Mr. Nailvanna looked at me like I grew an extra head after I told him the name of the polish. He even went as far as suggesting I rename The Unloved to The Loved... Today was my day with Emily and we had a great day I must say. I am wearing three coats but only needed two for opacity but I got glitter greedy so I added a third. I used two coats of top coat to get the polish smooth because of the large bits of glitter it was necessary. The trouble started when we got home. I felt it was time to say goodbye to The Unloved (even though I loved it very much!) If I am to keep doing reviews I need to keep trying polish right? I have removed a lot of glitter off my nails and not once do I complain that it is difficult. I either soak my nails in a little bowl of acetone then wipe off the glitter or use clips with some cotton. It really depends on what is on my nails and what I'm in the mood for. I figured I better use clips...this may take a minute.... That was an understatement. After clips I soaked them as well and still had to pick the bigger glitter pieces off. That was a first for me. That being said it was 100% worth it. I will wear this polish again because it's that pretty just is nice to know I will need a bit of extra time for removal and a bit of extra cuticle butter to combat the effects of the acetone!

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