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One Coat To Rule Them All!

Essie Gel Setter

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For many, this does not seem like a big deal and I constantly hear from people asking why I almost always use top coat? or Why is it so important? Can a little bottle of clear polish make such a big difference? I have just one answer. Hell yeah! If you have read any of my reviews you know that I just about never skip top coat its because it takes you from a pretty mani to a brilliant one in no time. I'm also a huge fan of smooth and glossy nails. I talked previously about my Favorite Three Top Coats and I use them depending on my mani requirements. Not long after that I picked up a bottle of Essie Gel Setter. It seems that every brand no matter how big or small are jumping on the gel band wagon. Gel manicures do look beautiful and last for weeks but removal is a pain. I love being able to change my nail polish on a whim and I am not a fan of having to soak in acetone for extended periods of time. I have not played around too much with the DIY gel systems because.... well they are systems. Now my friends and family have accused me of having a rediculous ammount of nail polish and it is true that I may already own a few bottles of nail polish...My boyfriend pointed out that there have been millions and millions of bottles of nail polish produced and my collection is very small if you look at it from that perspective. I told you he was a keeper! I am just not willing to try to track down my favorite nail polish in the gel version so I can switch to a system. Chances are I would not find it anyway. Essie advertised that gel setter will work with my favorite Essie polish so in a stroke of genius I figured it would work with all my favorite polishes and I was not wrong. This has made me very happy and I have been playing around with this top coat for a month now. If by very happy I mean that I don't use any other topcoat's now. Essie Gel Setter might just be The perfect top coat. It's a little bit thick like Seche Vite but the smell is nowhere near as chemically or strong. It creates a glossy, cushy and durable layer over your mani that does have a bit of a gel effect so really amazing for those glitter polishes that like to dry all bumpy and annoying. Drying time is decent as well. If I need my polish dry right NOW I still may have to reach for Seche Vite because it is faster. The reason I fell hands over feet for this top coat? Shrinkage. No one likes shrinkage right? Well with Essie Gel Setter there is not even a hint of it. I have not once had an issue with it so far and I have been using it just about exclusively for over a month. I feel like I may have found the one. My bottle is getting pretty low and has not needed any thinning. Pretty happy about that fact as well. If you want a great all around top coat definitely go out and buy Essie Gel Setter.

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