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Girly Bits It's Hoop To Be Square

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I was sitting around one night on the couch just nail polish window shopping online when Mr. Nailvanna looked over and noticed the picture I was looking at. "you need to buy that right now" were the words out of his mouth when he glanced at my screen. It was Girly Bits It's Hoop To Be Square. It's not a color I would usually choose for myself because every girl knows the colors that are not very flattering on them. This happens to be one of those colors for me but twist my rubber arm when it comes to nail polish and I was already contemplating how awesome Eggnogoholic was looking so it was the little push I needed to place my first order from Girly Bits. I have not been disappointed with a single purchase from her including this light and bright neon green creme polish. The formula is a little bit thin but in a good way just careful not to over load the brush. This seems to allow it to level nicely so I only needed two coats for a streak free finish. As with all other neon polishes that I have tried it does dry satin so you only need top coat to gloss it up. While I am still not sold on the color on me I have a feeling that in a couple of months once I have some color from summer I'm going to be loving it! I think I might have to go do some more "window shopping" with her again soon. What do you guys think?

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