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Little Red Corvette

butter LONDON Knees Up

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Why is this called Knees Up? The boyfriend gave me a little smirk... Those cheeky Brits! gotta love em! This red though... Christmas? Candy Apple? Iron Man? How about Iron man at Christmas eating a candy apple? No, I have not been drinking. Mr. Nailvanna thinks after reading that you will understand him better.... think he means you will feel his pain. Well we all can't be fuddy duddies can we? Some of us need to be fun! Knees Up has a good formula, applies smooth and my regular two coats was all that was necessary for opacity followed by top coat. It is almost a metalic red minus the glitter so brush strokes do show up slightly but with careful application it may not be very visible at all. Once you add top coat the metallic shine keeps it looking wet on your nails. Awesome red for sure and if you do not own it you should!

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