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Revlon Hypnotize

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Revlon Brilliant Strength Hypnotize is an antique gold that I thought would be fun to try to brighten the day. As much as I love gold it does not love me back. I have never met a gold so far that flattered my skin tone but I was willing to give another one a shot. I am pretty sure I am a sucker for punishment lol. Hypnotize is opaque in two coats but even with top coat the brush strokes are evident as you can see. This is a fairly common issue with most metallic nail polishes so I was expecting it. The formula is pretty thin but applies really smoothly just had to be a little careful not to overload the brush. Enthrall was the first polish I tried from this line and I absolutely loved it. The formula is just as good on Hypnotize but because the color is not suited to me I don't quite love this one. If you can rock a gold polish or like to use them in your nail art then this one may be a fun one to play with.

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