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Nebula! by Picture Polish

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,picture polish,nebula,jelly,glitter

As soon as I saw the bottle I knew I had to have it. This baby was in my cart so fast I had to wait for the internet to catch up and it felt like forever. I'm not the most patient woman in the world...OK fine, I have none alright? So the few days it took for this polish to arrive was pure torture but it was sooooo worth the wait. Nebula by Picture Polish has all the things that draw me to nail polish and no, Not just the glitter. Beautiful fuchsia and turquoise hex glitter in a rich blue jelly base. The more you layer the darker the glitter in the bottom layers look. The formula is a little bit thick because of the glitter but I had no issues at all applying the polish evenly and the glitter distribution was excellent. If I were to apply Nebula over black nail polish it would darken it up substantially and have a completely different look to it. I love that versatility! I chose to show you Nebula on it's own because I think it is just perfect! I own a LOT of blue nail polish. I did not realize how many until I tackled the job of sorting my nail polish collection when I decided to create this site. Turns out I even had a few multiples for some of them. I must really love those ones. This one though makes my top five blues of all time!

Nailvanna,nail polish review,lacquer,picture polish,nebula,jelly,glitter

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