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50's Glam!

Maybelline Urban Utopia

I have not dabbled much with Maybelline nail polish in the past. No I was not avoiding it one bit, just that I do not own very many and being a "little bit" of a glitter addict I never got around to the cremes that are dominant in my collection. My recent post about Sweet Clementine had me revisiting Maybelline because I really loved the quality of the polish. I chose Urban Utopia because it is a creme polish. Don't worry I plan on checking out the glitters as well but wanted to keep things balanced. The first coat went on a little bit patchy so I may have worried a little but as I was about to find out I shouldn't have. The second coat of polish went on even and smooth with a crelly feel to it. Top coat sealed the deal and I am very happy with my selection. This color reminded me of Crayola aqua green pencil crayon. It dries a shade or two darker on the nail then you see in the bottle but still a very pretty color for spring.

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