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Essie Fierce, No Fear

I love neutral colors and I own many of them but for some reason, perhaps my obsession with glitter? I do not wear them very frequently. Essie does neutrals very well and Fierce, No fear is no exception. It reminds me of chocolate milk cold from the fridge.The formula is great, I used two coats and it covered completely and leveled out very well. It dried nice and shiny but by now you should know that I will tell you no matter how glossy the polish dries... you gotta put that top coat on! I'm happy that this color works well with my skin tone as with neutral it can be a hit or a miss. I love how clean this looks, but I can never leave it alone. No matter how much I love it... give me 15 minutes and you will catch me digging though my glitter stash to decide which one to top it with. Today was no different...

I had every intention to wear Fierce, No Fear without a glitter, well for 15 minutes I did. Until I started thinking how I had the perfect glitter for it and still untried...I'm only human and I folded like a cheap lawn chair. I topped off my pretty Essie polish with one coat of Pick of the Glitter from Nicole by OPI. Various sized hex glitter in gold and pink with a few teal ones in there to break things up in a clear base. I LOVE these two together!!! Still a neutral but with bite.

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