Liberty Belle

NYC - NY Princess

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I really liked Ruby Slippers so I was really looking forward to putting on this polish as well. NYC - NY Princess is a rich purple jelly with light purple hex glitter. I found this one did not have the same abundance of glitter that I was expecting. I used three coats in this picture but they were a little bit heavier than my standard. I had no issues at all with application, the polish is the right consistency and dries fairly quickly. A layer of top coat had it looking pretty good.

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Nothing crazy here but nothing really to complain about either. Just a pretty purple glitter polish that I am glad I tried and didn't break the bank. I think I would like to try out a creme polish from NYC in the near future and see how well it scores. Ultimately in the end I was left a little disappointed it was no Ruby Slipers but if you love glitter, and purple. This might just be for you!


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