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Happy Valentines Day!

Sally Hansen Diamonds and Rubies

How can you go wrong with a creme red like this on a day like today? Rubies always were my favorite and this traffic stopping red will not disappoint. Up to 10 days protection from breaking, splitting and cracking because it is infused with real micro-diamonds and platinum according to Sally Hansen. I'll be honest with you, I don't often keep a polish on that long. I love being able to change my nails depending on my mood and outfit. It's part of the charm that is nail polish. Let's talk about this red though. Sally Hansen nailed it! It's pure perfection that will look great on any skin tone. It goes on smooth and covered easily in a standard two coats. It dries so shiny that you could skip the top coat and no one would be the wiser. (not recommended if you want that mani to say perfect!) Every woman needs a classic red cream polish in her arsenal and this one is perfect and you won't break the bank. This polish just screams classic beauty to me and is dripping with sophistication. Whether you are out for a romantic dinner or a black tie event this polish is a must have.

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