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Gift of Sparkle

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really looking forward to the weekend and some much needed down time after a busy week. Today I chose a polish by Color Club called Gift of Sparkle. The formula is a little bit thick but quite easy to apply. I used two coats and encountered no issues at all. It is a chunky holographic glitter and as you can see in the picture above it does dry to a texture. It was tempting to wear it as is because I really liked the look. Reminded me of rough gemstones. I can almost hear the seven dwarfs whistling.

Not bad right? Loving all the different shades of blues and purples. But I can't leave well enough alone...true story. As I was inspecting my nails I knew top coat could only make it better. This one I figured for a top coat eater meaning it would require more then one layer before it became smooth.

I felt I made the right choice. The top coat really brought it to life and now you can see the fire. On closer inspection I was thoroughly satisfied! Have a look.

So what do you think? Do you prefer it with or without top coat?

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